Cardis of Lanakila

     In 1974 my parents went looking for a Scottie for my birthday, and came home with a Cardi.  A beautiful blue merle Cardi, daughter of Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue.  That was it, I had found my breed and I was 8 years old.









    Life is always a windy road and mine took me away from dogs to raise children and have a career as a Navy wife, traveling the United States.  When our young boy wanted to show dogs, we looked at several breeds, but the Cardis held my heart and then  his.  Thus starts the second generation entitled "A Boy and his Dog"










Now the breed is starting its third generation with our grandchildren.









     We are a small kennel in southern Indiana.  We are a kennel of service to the community through our educational and therapy work with our dogs.  We breed, raise and train dogs to be of service to their community.  The temperaments and love of service are characteristics of dogs that come from our kennel.


     The dogs within  our kennel are named after characters played by actors who are medically considered dwarfs.  We have great fun researching and looking for the names that best suit their personality.   Yes, we have watched the movies, no matter how good or bad they may be.