Cardis of Lanakila

AKC No.: DN38645302

Name: Lanakila's Something Worth Hanging On To (Tutti)

Sex: Female

Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Color: Black & White

Markings: Brindle Points & Ticked

Birth Date: 01/31/2014

Sire: Rhydowen Ranger At Bridgelady - DN24784301

Dam: Bridgelady's Goin To Town At Lanakila - DN32384301

Breeder(s): Heidi Christine Lindblom Kilgore



"Stop or My Mom will Shoot"

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 21 February 1992 (USA)



Tutti is named for Estelle Getty's character, Tutti Bomowski in the movie "Stop or my Mom will Shoot". Playing opposite Sylvester Stallone she was described as Detective Joe Bomowski's mom who is in town for a visit. She did the laundry, washed the windows and scrubbed the floors. Now, she's gonna clean up the streets.  Tutti's registered name comes from a line in the movie when she tells her son that his female partner is "Something worth hanging on to."


A tough police sergeant's mother comes to visit him, and promptly starts trying to fix up his life, much to his embarrassment. For his birthday she buys him a machine gun out of the back of a van, and begins to further interfere with his job and love life, eventually helping him with a case he's on. Written by Ed Sutton <> (